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Sycamore Lodge

Calvin and the Colonel ep 05 Sycamore Lodge

Audio/Visual sound, color


Virginia Gregg (Maggie Belle Klaxon (voice)), Paul Frees (Oliver Wendell Clutch (voice)), Beatrice Kay (Sister Sue (voice)), Gloria Blondell (Gladys (voice)), Charles J. Correll (Calvin Burnside (voice)), Freeman F. Gosden (Colonel Montgomery J. Klaxon (voice))


Reviewer: richgoup - - September 2, 2012
Subject: Sycamore Lodge (Calvin and the Colonel)
Season 1, episode 5.
Original air date: 31 October 1961.
The mountain cabin that the Colonel has rented turn out to be flooded.
Cast: Freeman Gosden (Colonel Montgomery J. Klaxon: Voice), Charles Correll (Calvin Burnside: Voice). Beatrice Kay (Susan Culpepper: Voice), Virginia Gregg (Maggie Belle Klaxon: Voice), Paul Frees (Judge Oliver Wendell Clutch: Voice) and Cloria Blondell (Gloria: Voice uncredited).
From IMDB.
Reviewer: bgrauman - - January 28, 2011
Subject: No, it wasn't Jay Ward...
...the animation outfit that worked on this series was Creston Studios (aka TV Spots, Inc.}. Although they did provide the animation for several episodes of Ward's "Fractured Fairy Tales" during the first season of "ROCKY AND HIS FRIENDS" in 1959-'60, Jay Ward was NOT associated with them. They animated the 1957-'58 color edition of "CRUSADER RABBIT" (the studio was owned by the man who acquired "CRUSADER RABBIT" from Jay Ward and his partner Alex Anderson- somewhat underhandedly- Shull Bonsall, who set up Capital Enterprises to produce his version), and, during the same season they worked on "CALVIN AND THE COLONEL", they also animated TTV/Leonardo's "KING LEONARDO AND HIS SHORT SUBJECTS" {"The King and Odie"}, so the animation looks somewhat similar in both.

This episode originally aired on October 31, 1961, and was later seen in color in syndicated prints.
Reviewer: Unidyne - - August 5, 2009
Subject: Not by Jay Ward
Many people are convinced this was a Jay Ward project. It wasn't. It was produced by Kayro Productions and animated by Creston Studios, who animated the Jay Ward-produced "Crusader Rabbit" (Ward's only connection to this show). An ill-fated attempt of recycling "Amos & Andy" scrips and dialog using cartoon animals. The style of humor was quite dated, even for 1961. The series is now remembered mostly as the twilight of the careers of Freeman Godsen and Charles Correll, who retired after this show was canceled.
Reviewer: Karltonthedoorman - - March 31, 2008
Subject: Calvin and the Colonel
This is an example of something trying to live in the past. The days of Amos and Andy were clearly over. The commercials were better than the program, and the commercials weren't that great. It wasn't bad enough to be bad and not good enough to be good. Just mediocre.
Reviewer: rq52 - - March 30, 2008
Subject: Calvin and the Colonel (Andy and the Kingfish)
In defense of this show; 1. It was the second show by Jay Ward Productions who did Rocky and Bullwinkle, Hoppity Hopper, Dudley Doright of the Mounties. 2. Amos and Andy was the longest running radio program in history 1920-1962 on CBS. 3. Calvin and the Co;onel was a primetime show on CBS eunning opposite The Flintstones on ABC. 4. It was pulled not because of poor ratings but outrage stereotypes. I give the concept 3 staras and material 2.
Reviewer: Robin_1990 - - March 29, 2008
Subject: Not very good...
1959 wasn't exactly the golden age of animation (That had ended around 1954), But there were still many good cartoons being made. However, This is really mediocre when it comes to both animation and writing (The cheap laugh-track doesn't help). I only made it 5 minutes before I gave up. I'm not alone; This show literally lasted one month on the air before being cancelled, Which means it lasted one 7th of the time "My Mother The Car" lasted, Making this one of the biggest flops in TV history. It did come back 3 months later, but only due to contract obligations. This was somewhat based on Amos and Andy, But by this point it was already out of date. Still, since it features original commercials I give this 3/5 instead of 2/5.
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